Shooting at Maritzburg College

Musketry at Maritzburg College goes back a very long way. All the trophies in use date back to the early 1900's. At present, Maritzburg College is well represented in the Midlands and KZN teams. We have had many boys representing KZN at the SA Bisleys held all over South Africa.

Small-bore rifles (.22) had to be returned to all the army units during 1995. Air-rifles (pellet guns) replaced these (.22) rifles. This had a negative effect on the number of boys competing. Musketry has however gained momentum again and the numbers at Maritzburg College are growing. Our junior group looks very promising for the future.

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We are very grateful and fortunate to have an expert (Olympic Shooter 1992 – Munich) coach in Mr D Maclean. He has designed and made all the mechanisms for our indoor shooting range. This facility is the best and safest schools range in South Africa – all of this in an air-conditioned environment.