In recent years the senior cross-country runners have fared rather well. Despite numbers of runners being relatively low, there have been some quality athletes, which has seen College being hot on the heels of big time league participants, Alexandra High School. In 2005, 2006 and 2007 the College 1st Senior team were placed second overall in the Midlands League. The 2007 captain, Allen Still, was the number one ranked runner in the Midlands that year. In 2008, College convincingly won the league and all members of the 1st Senior team achieved top ten positions. In 2009 College once again made a clean sweep, winning both Senior and Junior league titles.

 In 2010 we hit a slight slump but came back strongly in 2011 to reclaim both trophies convincingly.

Haarhoff Trophy RCS Trophy
2008 Jean Jordaan 2008 Ayande Mthalane
2009 James Speed 2009 Sikhumbule "Scoota" Mhlongo
2010 James Wewege 2010 James Speed

2011 Results

Results from our first run this season, which was hosted by Hilton College:

College Senior team were 1st and the Junior team were 2nd overall. The following runners achieved top 10 places:

Seniors: Juniors:
2nd - J. Speed 2nd - M. Khanyile
3rd - J. Wewege 3rd - D. Stamp
4th - A. Nugent 6th - T. Wallace

In perfect running conditions the boys set off on the picturesque but tough Michaelhouse course. The seniors really did themselves proud and did enough to clinch the number one spot in the team event. The juniors, not to be outdone, were also the first team home.

Seniors: Juniors:
2nd - J. Wewege 2nd - M. Khanyile
3rd - J. Speed 3rd - D. Stamp
7th - A. Nugent 7th- T. Wallace
11th - M. Haw 8th - R. Harper

The run at Grace College was held in freezing cold and raining conditions, and no doubt it was snowing on the distant mountains had we been able to see through the mist. For once the boys took "warming up" quite seriously. Although there were some surprise results at Grace, our boys were again consistent and seemingly unfazed by the weather (except for Hayden Farr who seemed to get lost in the mist!). Once again both senior and junior teams were placed first, although the seniors tied with Alex this time.

Seniors: Juniors:
2nd - J. Speed 3rd - M. Khanyile
3rd - A. Nugent 4th - L. Hattingh
11th - S. Msani 7th - D. Stamp
16th - J. Jordaan 12th - T. Wallace

The next run held at Treverton yielded exceptional results. The senior team won the event by miles, with all four of them making top ten positions, while the juniors also put on a very good show to also win comfortably.

Seniors: Juniors:
2nd - J. Wewege 3rd - M. Khanyile
3rd - A. Nugent 5th - T. Wallace
4th - J. Speed 6th - D. Stamp
9th - A. Smith 16th - R. Harper

At the conclusion of the 2011 Midlands league, College teams had won both the Senior and the Junior leagues. A total of six runners achieved top 10 positions. They were:

Juniors:2nd - Minenhle Khanyile (silver medal)

Seniors: 2nd - James Speed (silver medal)
3rd - James Wewege (silver medal) 3rd - Damon Stamp (silver medal)
4th - Aiden Nugent (silver medal) 6th - Taylor Wallace (bronze medal)

 The 2011 inter-house cross country was held in lovely weather and there was a good turn out for the event. The junior section was won by Minenhle Khanyile with Oxlands being the winning house. In the senior section James speed was triumphant and Nathans were the winning house. No records were broken. However, one young lad with every excuse in the book not to take part, was insistent that he was going to stay the course. Lucky Nxele, who suffers from spina bifida, showed that the size of his heart is inversely proportional to the size of his legs. Having never previously walked more than a kilometre, he gamely set off on the 4,2km junior course, completing it in 356th position. Way to go Lucky, we are proud of you!


Lucky Nxele finishing the cross country, with encouragement from Cross country captain Jonty Frederick and mascot Leon



Senior league:

1st College A

4th College B

9th College C


Senior top 10 placings:

1st - James Speed

2nd - James Wewege

4th - Murray Haw

6th - Brandon Smith


Junior League:

2nd College


Junior top 10 placings:

2nd - Minenhle Khanyile

3rd - Ryan Hodgson

9th - Nothando Mnikathi