The College Museum

Maritzburg College has a long and proud history, but it was only in 1988, during the 125th anniversary of the founding of the school, that a museum was created by Simon Haw and Richard Frame – two history teachers at Maritzburg College. Boys of the Special History Society were also involved in the project and the museum was opened on 2 February 1988 by the District Inspector of Education, Dr M.Schroenn.

The museum was located in a workshop behind the library. Later it moved to the present armoury and later still to the old woodwork shop, which now houses the Boardroom. In 2013 the Museum was allocated a permanent home in the Old Gymnasium and a completely refurbished museum was opened by Ron Jury, previous headmaster of College, on 28 February 2013 as part of the 150th anniversary celebrations.

The Old Gymnasium was first used for gymnastics and when that was no longer part of the curriculum, in various other ways – badminton and table tennis, band room, temporary staff common room and examination hall.

Welcome to the College Museum  RD Clark bust  RD Clarks study  Drums and bugles

The concept of the College Museum

The aim of the Museum Committee was to create a museum which would appeal both to Old Boys and the present generation. The museum design is therefore modern with bright colours and interactive technology, but traditional display panels are still used as well. Instead of displaying College history under each headmaster, various themes were identified, such as the early history of the school, discipline, traditions, the brass band, sport, College characters, etc. A visitor can also see and listen to JM “Skonk” Nicholson talking about his days at College.

The touch table is very popular with the younger generation as it is inter-active and has both sound and images featuring sport. More information will be added in the near future.

 CS 3398   CS 3389   CS 3408   CS 3413


The museum is open, during the school term, every Monday – Wednesday: 09:00 – 12:00 and on the first and third Friday and the second and fourth Thursday of the month: 09:00 – 12:00.

When there are major sporting events at College, the museum is also open on a Saturday morning.

Maritzburg College Museum Donations

The museum welcomes donations relating to the history of College and the Old Boys’ Association, not only items which have belonged to prominent OCs, but also the everyday items that you might not want to keep or do not have the space to store. Photographs will be scanned and the originals returned to the owner.

Framed blazers  An old rifle 

Skonk nicholson corner  Skonk memorabilia

Digitized Maritzburg College School Magazines

The magazines, dating back to 1888, have been digitized and can be accessed on:

Please let us know whether you find the website useful and user friendly.

Contact the Museum

Curator: Henriette Ridley
Tel: 033 342 9376 ext. 248
Cell: 082 8797 224
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