The Maritzburg College Media Centre

The fully air-conditioned facility is central to the academic programme of the school and lends itself to relaxed reading or research. Staff and students have access to a wide range of both print and electronic resources and are ably assisted by a staff of 2 librarians and 2 library assistants.

The Media Centre opens at 07:00 each morning and closes at 16:30 Monday to Thursday, and 16:00 on Friday afternoons.

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Reading is actively promoted by the library, subject and language staff. Boys are able to borrow up to 5 books for a period of 3 weeks. A reservation system ensures access to popular titles and boys are encouraged to suggest titles they wish to see in the library.

An increasing number of boys already enjoy reading on their personal e-readers and the library launched an e-reading programme in 2013. In 2014, the Media Centre launched its eLibrary (Wheelers), which has been well received by the boys. Encyclopaedia Britannica online School Edition was launched in 2015, and further digital resources are anticipated.

Work stations are available for users to access the library database.

Every boy is guided through a series of information skills to enable him to progress as an independent learner. Subject research lessons in the library are supported by both library and subject staff. The proximity of the computer room allows free movement between print and electronic resources.

Approximately 40 library monitors provide an essential service, assisting with circulations and ensuring access to the library’s resources.

Photocopy facilities are available to the boys, as are services such as scanning, printing, and laminating.

Library & Information Manager: Mr R Gutteridge
Librarian:  Mrs S Thorpe
Library Assistants:  Mrs C Smith & Mrs S Bentley