About the MCOBA

In its nearly 120 years of existence, the College Old Boys’ Association has played a prominent role in not only fostering an esprit de corps amongst thousands of Old Collegians (OCs), but it has also helped and guided successive headmasters and governing bodies in the making of certain key decisions and the formulating of key policies that affect our great alma mater.

Although many former schoolboys – and probably quite a few OCs too – have mixed feelings at best when they think back to their schooldays, College is fortunately quite unique in the loyalty and sometimes out-and-out devotion that it manages to engender in many of the scholars who pass through its venerable buildings.

Not for nothing did Old Collegians in the trenches during the First World War go “over the top” to their deaths, roaring “C-O-O-O-L-L-E-G-E!” Not for nothing do former College boys continue to return in their droves every year to retrace the more carefree steps of their youth.

One thinks of the Old Collegian who some years ago heard that his brother had been killed in London. He immediately drove more than 100 km to the place where he could sit quietly, think of happier times, and try to come to terms with his grief: beneath the old jacarandas on Basher Ridge overlooking Goldstone’s.

For such men, Maritzburg College is not a school. It’s a way of life.


President: Bruce Lesur – lesur@futurenet.co.za
Linda Laubscher – oldboys@iafrica.com

Tel: 033-342 9878

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