"Dear Mr Luman,

This is a message of thanks to your Deputy Head Boy who sat in front of our family on a flight over the recent holiday period.

We had a very upset little two year old, who was distressed about being strapped into his own chair for take-off and landing. The mature and kind-hearted young man seated in front of us, turned around and took it upon himself to start chatting calmly to our little boy, which immediately settled Travis down.

My husband and I were completely taken aback by his kind gesture, in fact it brought a tear to my eye! My husband looked at me and said, “he must be a psychologist or psychology student”. We were intrigued, so asked his father what the young man’s profession was, he then mentioned that he was still at school and was the Deputy Head Boy at Maritzburg College. It was very evident to us why he had been appointed in this position. What a shining example of a young leader!

We unfortunately didn’t get his name, but please pass our sincere thanks for his kindness.

Kind regards,
Jessy & Marc de Kock


WELL DONE, JARED ROBINSON! You are a shining example of what a College boy is made of.