Maritzburg College boys and staff were honoured with surfing legend and leadership expert Shaun Tomson on Wednesday the 15 March 2017, who presented a talk to the school as part of his tour visiting schools in major cities across South Africa. The talks and workshops are designed to create a positive wave by inspiring students to activate their willpower to be the best they can be. In conjunction with the tour Pan Macmillan will be releasing Shaun’s #1 Amazon best-selling book “The Code – The Power of “I Will” written specifically for students to inspire positive purpose and positive choices. The book is also available at the Maritzburg College Library.

Shaun Tomson is a former World Surfing Champion, best-selling author and is an expert on willpower, positive attitude and optimal performance. Using surfing metaphors and stories from his life surfing the world’s most dangerous waves, he presented a perspective on how to envision one’s future and create a personal code to transform one’s life from where one is, to where one will be.

Shaun emotionally connected with the boys through powerful stories of courage, commitment, resilience, hope and creativity. His singular message is built around his personal code, “What you will, you will become.” His Code system encourages introspection and thoughtfulness and the envisioning of a positive future. During his talk he challenged the staff and boys to create and share their own personal Code, 12 lines of commitment, each line beginning with “I will…”. This will be put to action during the mentor class sessions early next term.

When one thinks and writes down one’s promises they develop great power - thoughts are transformed from imagination to reality as letters, words and sentences - they are legible, tangible and actionable. Values and goals come to life as these promises, as a series of commitments that form a powerful and personal Code for today and tomorrow.

The Code is designed to create a feeling of confidence in oneself, an attitude of strength that results in positive decision-making to combat despair, lack of hope and negativity. The boys were given the following website to place their personal Codes or view codes from other students across the world:

It was another great moment at Maritzburg Colleger where we were privileged to listen to one of SA's greats. Our boys showed their appreciation in typical College fashion.

"Maritzburg College WILL!"  #livethecode


Deputy Headmaster:  Paastoral Care Mr Ingo Talke with Shaun Tomson at the conclusion of his address