Our assembly this week was dedicated to the amazing moms of our College boys and as an appreciation of what they do for their sons on a daily basis – often going by unnoticed and unappreciated.

The following was shared with the boys:

What Mothers want from their sons:
• For you to be truly happy and safe
• For you to have close, decent friends and to treasure friendship
• For you to be proud of yourself and to build esteem in others
• For you to have a zest for life and an enthusiasm for ensuring that you extricate the marrow from the bone of life
• For you to offer deeper answers than 'Ok' & 'fine' to questions and to have a good conversation
• For you to write your own words on the ‘Mother's Day Card’
• To give your mom a heartfelt hug to show that you love her
• To spend quality time with her
• To show her genuine attention
• To do random acts of kindness RAK eg make her a cup of tea, coffee, pick a rose from the garden…

Your task for this Mother’s day on Sunday is to make sure you show your mom how much you love her and do something for her unsolicited.
The following video clip epitomises how amazing moms are in general:


Thank you to our College moms from the College staff and boys. Thank you for the vital role you play in your sons lives. It is sincerely appreciated.
We wish you an amazing Mother’s Day with your sons.

Mr Chris Luman