Our assembly this week was dedicated to the amazing moms of our College boys and as an appreciation of what they do for their sons on a daily basis – often going by unnoticed and unappreciated.

The following was shared with the boys:

What Mothers want from their sons:
• For you to be truly happy and safe
• For you to have close, decent friends and to treasure friendship
• For you to be proud of yourself and to build esteem in others
• For you to have a zest for life and an enthusiasm for ensuring that you extricate the marrow from the bone of life
• For you to offer deeper answers than 'Ok' & 'fine' to questions and to have a good conversation
• For you to write your own words on the ‘Mother's Day Card’
• To give your mom a heartfelt hug to show that you love her
• To spend quality time with her
• To show her genuine attention
• To do random acts of kindness RAK eg make her a cup of tea, coffee, pick a rose from the garden…

Your task for this Mother’s day on Sunday is to make sure you show your mom how much you love her and do something for her unsolicited.
The following video clip epitomises how amazing moms are in general:


Thank you to our College moms from the College staff and boys. Thank you for the vital role you play in your sons lives. It is sincerely appreciated.
We wish you an amazing Mother’s Day with your sons.

Mr Chris Luman

Dear Parents

We have come to the end of a very busy first term but we can look back with satisfaction on what has been achieved by the boys and the staff. We are indeed blessed at College to have the commitment, passion and enthusiasm of all striving to be the best that they can be. The newsletters pay tribute to all these successes and events and we thank you for your continued support of your son’s involvement at College. Please take the time to check his report and go over all aspects and any areas where there are concerns. It is essential that we are all working together to obtain the best possible results for your son, at the end of the day, and we at the school will put measures in place to ensure this occurs.

We welcomed the following staff members who are assisting on a short term basis:

  • Mrs K Threadingham [Mathematics] replaces Mr L Mdladla who has taken up a permanent post at another school.
  • Mrs M Larter [English] who is filling in for Mrs T Louch who is on maternity leave.

It is my pleasure to make the following staff appointments which will take effect from the start of Term 2:

  • Mr C Dutton - HOD History
  • Mrs L Couperthwaite - HOD Physical Science

We thank Messrs Larter and Trodd sincerely for their concerted efforts which are greatly appreciated.

Congratulations to the following staff who improved their qualifications:

  • Mrs B Borain - MA in English
  • Ms V Chedie - Bachelor of Business Administration Degree
  • Mrs L Dos Santos completed a Career Guidance Practitioner course.
  • Mr A Moodley completed the Supply Chain short learning course with Varsity College.
  • Mrs M Rughoo completed the Business Writing Skills short course with GetSmarter (UCT online).


Summary of important dates:

  • Friday 21 April Teams depart for Pretoria
  • Saturday 22 April Interschool exchange to PBHS
  • Thursday 27 April Public Holiday – Freedom Day
  • Friday 28 April School Holiday Friday 28 April to Monday 1 May Free weekend
  • Monday 1 May   Public Holiday – Worker’s Day
  • Friday 5 May Teams depart for Johannesburg
  • Saturday 6 May Interschool Exchange vs KES
  • Friday 12 May to Wednesday 17 May ‘FUNK’ 2017 at the Hexagon Theatre Saturday 13 May Reunion Day
  • Tuesday 16 May Form 2 Parents’ Evening
  • Saturday 20 May DHS [compulsory attendance]
  • Monday 22 May to Friday 26 May College Revue Production – Trash the Musical Tuesday 23 May Form 3 Parents’ Evening
  • Sunday 28 May to Thursday 1 June Spirit of Adventure [Form 2] Saturday 3 June and Sunday 4 June Free Weekend
  • Friday 9 June to Wednesday 28 June Mid-year Examination [Timetable to be provided to the boys] Friday 9 June to Sunday 11 June Dusi2C Fundraiser
  • Friday 16 June Public Holiday – Youth Day

Sport Exchanges

Parents are reminded that if their boys are not selected to represent the school, they do not need to attend school on the following Fridays, as the school will be travelling out of province.

  • Friday 21 April - PBHS Exchange
  • Friday 5 May – KES Exchange

For those parents who have boys traveling on these exchanges, the following costs will be involved:

  • Saturday 22 April vs PBHS – R600.00
  • Saturday 6 May vs KES – R580.00

I request that parents pay this amount (to be finalised) prior to the trip taking place. The payment reference must be your son’s sundries account.

College will be travelling to Affies in July and hosting PBHS and KES in August. Final details will be provided nearer the time. I will be asking parents to be generous in their offers to host boys from these schools – our boys are often overwhelmed by the hospitality they receive on our away trips.

Public Holidays/Free Weekends

Parents are asked to take careful note of the following:

  • Thursday 27 April: Freedom Day public holiday. There will be sports fixtures against Northwood on this day.
  • Friday 28 April, a School holiday, to Monday 1 May which is the Worker’s Day public holiday.
  • Saturday 3 June and Sunday 4 June.

Compulsory Attendance

Please note that the afternoon’s home rugby matches on Reunion Day against Michaelhouse on Saturday  13 May and the fixture against DHS on Saturday 20 May will be compulsory attendances for all boys.

Parents are asked to support the school in our endeavours to create a corporate school spirit by bringing their sons to school on the above days.

June Examinations

Mid-year exams are scheduled to start in the second week of June. Practical papers and a few other exams (Language Creative Writing, junior Life Orientation, Creative Arts and Natural Science) will be written prior to this date while the majority will be written during the dedicated exam period. Boys will check their scripts in the last few days of school and remediation of common errors will be done. There is a creeping tendency for some boys to bunk school after exams and this unacceptable. Please support the school in this matter by not allowing your sons to play truant.

Elevate Education

Elevate Education is an international company who provide excellent study skill sessions aimed at maximising the effectiveness of study time. In the first term, our Form 2 and Form 5 boys benefited from sessions given by the young, dynamic presenters from Elevate Education. The sessions were conducted in small class-size groups and the feedback from our boys was very positive. Elevate Education will be visiting College once again next term, to conduct follow-up sessions with these boys.

Academic Support

Maritzburg College offers a wide-range of Academic support free of charge for pupils that need it. These sessions are generally offered after school and pupils need to speak to the Subject Heads of the various departments to find out further details. In addition, pupils are encouraged to make full use of the school Moodle which can be accessed using the following link http://moodle.mcollege.co.za. This resource offers our boys a wide range of learner support materials including past papers and memos, PowerPoint presentations, YouTube clips and tutorials.

“Trash the Musical” - a Maritzburg College Revue Show.

Presented from the 22nd to the 26th of May, College follows on their hugely successful ‘Noises Off’ production with this all singing and all dancing revue show. Featuring songs from musicals like – My Fair Lady, Les Miserable, American Idiot, Grease, We will Rock You and many more!! Tickets will be available from the beginning of next term.

Maritzburg College Club

Launched in 2016, the College Club brings together all College supporters – parents, Old Boys, staff etc. – under one umbrella and aims to get them involved in all the various happenings and events at the school.

In Term 2 2017, the Club will again be heavily involved in demanding but exciting events:

  • Reunion Day, 13 May: We need people to assist with jobs that range from serving coffee; branding the school to basting the sheep-on-the-spit!
  • Dusi2C mountain-bike race, 10 June: We need help with sourcing the sponsorship of items and with the many duties involved in this premier mountain-biking event - from setting up tents at the overnight stop to merely driving a car to Durban early on the Sunday morning. Each year we need over 150 volunteers – so please contact the Club if you can help.

The Club have launched a new on-line shop of College supporters’ gear and memorabilia. Visit www.jimbu.co.za.

If you would like to get involved with the Club, please contact: Sue Calmeyer on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dusi2C [Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 June]

Maritzburg College has been associated with the Dusi2C mountain bike ride from Camps Drift to Blue Lagoon along the route of the Dusi Canoe Marathon since its inception. Over the years this weekend has become a major fund raising event for College.

The success of the event is reliant on support from staff, parents and pupils alike.

We would appeal to the College Community to contact Mrs Calmeyer at the school if you can assist with any of the following:

  • Drivers who can assist with the Vehicle Shuttle. 100 drivers are needed early on Sunday morning to transfer the vehicles to Durban.
  • Assistance with setting up of the overnight village on the banks of the Umgeni River

To make this a financially worthwhile project, we would like to get as many as possible of our requirements sponsored. If you would consider sponsoring food items, cleaning and packaging items etc. please contact Mrs MacKenzie [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.] who could provide more details as to what is required.

Your support of this worthwhile fundraising initiative is urgently required and appreciated.

Parents’ Evenings

Parents evening are held in the Alan Paton Memorial Hall from 17:15 to 19:00 and are designed for parents to have short discussions about their son’s academic progress with his teachers. Should a longer discussion be necessary, parents are asked to make an appointment to see the relevant teacher at another time. Form

Form Two – Tuesday 16 May

Form Three – Tuesday 23 May

School Fees

I again appeal to all parents to pay the school fee to enable us to continue to supply an uncompromised educational service to your sons.  Please make the school account a priority.

Contact Details

We are continually updating the data-base and we thus urge all parents to ensure that should their contact details change, the school be notified as soon as possible. Changes can be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

I wish you all a very enjoyable, safe and peaceful April holiday with your boys.

Kind regards,





I read an article recently that I thought is of relevance to all parents. Bringing up teenage boys today is a tough job and not for the feint-hearted. Any tools that can assist you in this difficult period in their lives must be utilised. We as a school do as much as we can in the time that is available, but it is necessary to have a combined partnership that is evident to your sons. Ultimately we are all striving for the same outcome : to see your son being the best that he can possibly be and to ensure that he comes to no harm in the process of achieving his goals.

“When you see signs of adolescence in your child, it’s time to talk with them. As the parent of a preteen, your task is similar to that of a sports coach who’s trained his team all through the late summer and early autumn. Now the first match is about to occur, when direct coaching is not going to be possible. So the coach gathers the players in the changeroom and makes one last speech before they take the field. He reminds them again of the fundamentals of the game, and gives them the old pep talk about winning.

Similarly, as the parent of a preteen you’ve been teaching them through preschool and primary years about right and wrong, what to believe, and how to behave. Now the big contest called ‘adolescence’ is about to begin and your team will take the field. From that point forward, very little parental advice can be given.

A Christian psychologist recommends that parents take an eleven- or twelve-year-old child on a ‘preparing for adolescence’ trip, during which moral values and family principles are repeated and emphasised: sex education and the physical changes of adolescence, the approaching social pressures, and other fundamentals that should be discussed.

When you’ve done this, you’ve two things left to do:

  1. Assure them you love them and will always be there for them, and that will never change.
  2. Pray for them every day. And don’t just pray, have confidence in the power of your prayers: “

If you have not had the opportunity to do so to have the chat with your son, it is not too late to do so.

Please continue to work with us in supporting your sons through adolescence. If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best wishes

Chris Luman

Chris Luman


What makes a good teacher? 

Above all a good teacher likes to learn. We often teach best, not what we already know, but what we want to learn. A love of learning is a precious gift to give our boys. A good teacher practices the skills involved in the craft of teaching and the importance of good discipline. We are all of us individuals and have our own personal style, but there are classroom management skills that have universal validity, that will not cramp your style, but allow learning to happen.

Our own Managing Learner Behaviour [MLB] system is there to support you in the classroom to make things easier for you – please refer to it and make use of it especially with regards to positive reinforcement.

Good classroom management eliminates confrontation and conflict and fosters good relationships and effective learning. Without order, every lesson will be a battle. Boys will behave as badly as we let them and will then dislike us for it and hate the disruptive classroom conditions they have helped create. At College, YOU are in charge.

What characterises a teacher who keeps good order and discipline?

  • Boys will say things like : ‘She/he means what she/he says”; “She/he doesn’t let us muck around”; ‘She/he knows what she/he is doing”; ‘If you work hard he/she will help you’ etc.
  • Believe it or not, boys appreciate a classroom that is controlled, organised, has rules and keeps to time. Boys like to know the rules, the boundaries and the consequences if they do something wrong. They also want consistency and fairness.
  • Be demanding and make your expectations clear in all regards ie behaviour, standard of work and homework. You will get what you settle for so set your standards as high as possible. They will strive to get there if you support them. Set a good example by keeping your voice calm and making positive comments. Avoid sarcasm at all cost and comparing boys with others or their brothers or fathers or grandfathers. They resent such comments. If you make a mistake, don’t be afraid to apologise and move on. Your apology sincerely made will help in your relationship with them – positive role modelling.

As control improves, paradoxically you can pay less attention to it and enjoy teaching more. Good relationships in a classroom are not only an ingredient of successful classroom management, but also to a considerable degree they are the result.
50 of you are mentors and when you add the housemasters and assistant housemasters, there are 70 of you who are working on relationships with our boys particularly through our mentoring programme. Those of you who have been in the system for three years now will know those boys pretty well I would think and each year you have an addition of only five new boys. A reminder that they may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel in your relationship with them.
Maintain your standards outside of the classroom as well be that in a sports team, cultural activity and/or duty. Do not ignore boys misbehaving as they might be in the next class that you have to teach or supervise. They will remember that you didn’t care enough to take action.

You open the door to knowledge, teach skills, makes things clear, enable boys to do more and do it better, to understand more and understand better. You have the potential to influence the direction of a whole life.
I firmly believe that it is our role of teachers to help boys feel good about themselves, because every boy is special and unique, and we should celebrate their uniqueness with them and help them to realise their own particular talents.

Finally, a quote by William Arthur Ward which sums up the challenge that we have
“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires. “

That is my challenge to you this year – INSPIRE YOUR BOYS

What an extremely honourable, privileged, powerful and potentially rewarding challenge that is!

Thank you for what you have done for so many boys over a number of years and the impact that you have had on them to date. I wish you all a very inspiring and rewarding 2017.
Pro Aris et Focis

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