One of the top South African Boys' Schools

Maritzburg College has established itself as one of the top South African boy's schools whose community manifests a strong sense of pride and belonging.

We strive to help each boy prepare for life, so that he may fulfil his unique potential and take his place as a responsible citizen in an evolving South Africa.

Maritzburg College seeks to achieve this by ensuring a balanced, stimulating and dynamic educational environment; care for each boy; an observance of Christian values and school traditions; and the pursuit of excellence in all endeavours.

Maritzburg College Old Boys' Association

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09.05.2015 vs KES      
Team Opponent Venue Time Coach
1st KES Papes Astro 10:20 D van der Merwe
2nd KES Papes Astro 11:30 C Mullon
3rd KES AB Jackson 09:00 M Baptista
4th KES Barns B 10:00 M Ngcobo
5th Westville 4th Kearsney 08:30 S Peach
6th MHS 5th MHS Astro 09:00 C Barnsley
16A KES Papes Astro 09:00 K Emerson
16B KES Papes Astro 12:30 S Sityana & P Gada
16C KES AB Jackson 08:00 D Larter
16D KES Barns B 08:00 J Orchard
16E KES Barns B 09:00 I Talke
16F KES Barns A 10:00 K Pillay
16G KES Barns A 09:00 Mhlongo
14A KES Papes Astro 08:00 B Swart
14B KES AB Jackson 10:00 S Ngcobo
14C KES AB Jackson 11:00 T Fletcher
14D KES Barns A 08:00 F Deysel
14E MHS 14C MHS Astro 08:00 B Mantle


09.05.2015 vs KES      
Team Opposition Venue Time  Coach
1st KES Goldstones 14:15 F Lubbe/K Smith
2nd KES Goldstones 13:00 T Orchard/R Lombard
3rd KES Goldstones 12:00 N Sutherland
4th KES Goldstones 11:00 G Dorling
5th KES Goldstones 10:00 I Talke
6th KES Goldstones 09:00 G Erasmus
7th KES Goldstones 08:00 J Bezuidenhout
8th MHS Leaches 11:30 M Shezi
9th MHS Leaches 10:30 M Marwick
16A KES Snows 11:00 B Collocott/C Fraser
16B KES Snows 09:00 B Henderson/C Fraser
16C KES Snows 08:00 D Hoffman
16D KES Snows 10:00 K Langman
16E KES Snows 12:00 R Chiengende
16F Westville 16E Westville 08:30 C Muil
15A KES Nicholsons 10:00 R Kyle
15B KES Nicholsons 08:00 D Sherriff
15C KES Nicholsons 09:00 G Barrable
15D KES Nicholsons 11:00 M Reed
15E KES Leaches 09:30 J Lyons
15F Westville Westville 08:30 S Mchunu
14A KES Lamonds 08:55 J Morgan/C Luman
14B KES Lamonds 08:00 MJ Smit/C Luman
14C KES Lamonds 09:50 D Löser
14D KES Lamonds 10:45 S Mdutyana 
14E KES Lamonds 11:40 G Waters
14F KES Leaches 08:30 R Tooms