Theatre Crew

2015 sees the launch of Theatre Crew – an integral branch of the Actors’ Workshop and AV Society.

This society aims to provide an opportunity to those learners who are not always confident of being in front of an audience, but still want to be be part a production. They are given the experience of the various backstage and front of house duties undertaken by the society. The duties include sound and lighting, ushering, tickets sales and stage management to name but a few.

The society will meet regularly with the aim that eventually the senior members will help with training sessions for all members of the society. This will be done with the guidance of the teacher-in-charge. As part of the development programme, Theatre Crew will be co-ordinating the setting up of the Dramatic Arts Department’s Wardrobe. The boys and staff alike will be encouraged to donate items of clothing and accessories to be used as costumes and personal props.


Mrs K Thaver

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