The Maritzburg College TechSquad

TechSquad at Maritzburg College involves a wide range of computer related activities, from computer maintenance to computer room duties, as well as community outreach and involvement. Boys in the society commit themselves to helping others with their computer needs, this includes both teachers and boys who need critical help with computers in order to fulfil their work and research requirements.

With the increase in technology integration at home, at school, and at play, there has been an increase in interest and active participation from our boys in TechSquad in all aspects. It can be said that TechSquad has a vital role in ensuring the smooth day-to-day running of the school computers.

There are three core functions that TechSquad performs:

All members are required to perform this vital function. This involves the troubleshooting of troublesome computers, computer maintenance and repair, and hands on help and guidance with boys who may need a small bit of help in order to complete their task on the computer. These services are made available for all students at breaks times and after school, in College’s two computer rooms.

All TechSquad members have the opportunity to give presentations to both TechSquad members and the rest of the student body on different topics, ranging from programming to PC gaming. General training is also open for boys who need assistance with generic applications from Microsoft Word to Windows Live Movie Maker, who may come in at break times and have a one-on-one training session in areas where they need help. Our door is always open at TechSquad for those who would like assistance.

Once a term every year, TechSquad embarks on a community outreach with primary school children at local schools. Our members create training content for topics like ‘Introduction to Computers’, Cyberbullying’, ‘Internet Safety’ and Microsoft Office, and present it themselves to the children. Strong bonds are formed between the two groups during the outreach, and even the TechSquad boys are saddened to see their new friends leave at the end.
Our boys also assist cyclists yearly at the Duzi2C cycling race, distributing food and drinks to the weary riders.

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TechSquad is currently captained by the passionate and diligent Jason Botha.
Our services to the school are made possible by the Media Centre led by Mr R Gutteridge, the IT department under the guidance of Mr J. Maistry, and the school body under the headmaster, Mr Luman.  

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