The Maritzburg College TechSquad

The TechSquad Society is captained by the responsible and proficient S Naicker. It is a new society which developed from the previous Computer Monitors Society at the end of 2013.This distinctive and interesting society participates in a variety of activities, yet still incorporates some of the functions of the former Computer Monitors Society.

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With the increase in technology integration at home, at school and at play, there has been an increase in interest and active participation from our boys in the TechSquad Society. The dedicated boys who are part of the TechSquad perform a variety of functions related to technology.

There are three core functions within TechSquad

  • Operations:  All members are required to perform in this vital function. They are responsible for peer-to-peer assistance, computer LAN monitoring, learner applications assistance, computer servicing, computer assembly, computer trouble shooting and computer repair. These services are made available to all Maritzburg College boys at tea break, lunch break, after school and even at evening prep sessions for the boarders.  


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  • E-Sports:  The final core of TechSquad, E-Sports, was introduced to Maritzburg College last year. This unique opportunity to participate in an online gaming league against other schools around the country was embraced by the TechSquad members unequivocally. This was the first year that such a league was hosted specifically for schools. Maritzburg College is very proud to be part of the founding schools in this national league. We participated in two of the games in the league, namely DotA 2 and League of Legends. The players were very dedicated in attending practise and their passion was shown in every match. This year the players will be playing DotA 2, Hearthstone, FIFA 15 and Starcraft 2.
  • Training:  All TechSquad members have the opportunity to give presentations to both TechSquad members and the rest of the learner body on the ever increasing technological hardware and software trends. These trends include the latest graphics cards, innovative Apple iPad applications, latest operating systems, and standard office suites. Training is often initiated and presented by the TechSquad members allowing them to develop presentation skills and engage in meaningful discourse.

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TechSquad remains grateful for the continued support of both the IT and Library departments.

We are a proud society who often enjoy deliberating about the latest technology, new concepts, applications, hardware developments and mobile devices.


Mr A van Wyk

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