Sound and lighting

The Sound and Lighting Society at Maritzburg College is based around the boys learning how to do professional sound and lighting as well as the art of working in theatre.

The boys in the society are encouraged to take part in the college productions to provide technical support and backstage help.  They learn in the beginning how to do simple sound setups and lighting setups all the way through to understanding how to use the schools advanced lighting and sound desks.

We currently run a 24/48 channels Yamaha sound desk and well as a Strand ML250 lighting desk in the Cultural centre. This means that the boys will have the opportunity to learn the basics of professional lighting all the way from incandescent lighting to LED.

The boys in the society not only learn a technical understanding but also theatre etiquette and an understanding of how a theatre runs as we run all our shows on a professional basis.



Mr Simon Stickells

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