The Maritzburg College Photography Club

With so many events and happenings constantly on the go at Maritzburg College, the boys are encouraged to capture some of these moments on film.  Sporting and action photography is in high demand at College as the media, College parents, boys and O.C's all want to see what has been happening at the school.

Boys who have taken photos are welcome to submit some of their best pictures to the Marketing department who may well use some of them for publishing, for the website, social media etc.  

It has been wonderful to see the enthusiasm and dedication of our 'College Photographers' who spend many hours next to the field to capture that perfect shot! They are constantly learning more about photography with regards to lighting, angles, focal points and shot selection, and they are producing some interesting photos that really capture the moment and not just the action.

Any photographs the boys submit to the Marketing department will be credited if used in the press.


Mrs Carol De Matteis

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