Maritzburg College awards a limited number of Scholarships for excellence in Academics, Culture and Sport. In all cases, the potential candidates are selected, solely at the discretion of the school, according to the following criteria. (Parents do not apply for scholarships).

  • Academic scholarships are awarded to a select few of the top achievers in Mathematics and English. These awards are based on
  1. the Grade 6 December report and
  2. the results of the Maritzburg College scholarship exam (written by invitation only).
  • Cultural scholarships are usually awarded retrospectively, based on the learner’s commitment and cultural talent evident during his 2nd Form year.
  • Sporting scholarships are awarded to a select few of the boys who perform at a provincial (or higher) level. We take into account the information parents provide on the application forms, the confidential questionnaires received from the primary schools and the constant monitoring of performance by our Admissions PRO.

Please note: The school does not offer bursaries for financial relief.